If we change our Thinking, we can change our level of Wealth

From The Manifestation Millionaire:

Is it really that simple? No, not really. We also have to take appropriate actions. We have to learn about money, finance, business, investment, stocks, bonds, entrepreneurship, and a lot of other practical matters so we can make wise financial decisions. We have to make moves based on that knowledge too. We will have to work hard, there can be no doubt about that.

This falls in line with the “programming” conversation. Some of us were brought up with a very simple and humble mindset regarding money. We may have learned the basics, just enough to get by in an employee’s world. I can tell you from personal experience that school didn’t teach us everything we should know regarding money!!

I actually took a Free Enterprise course in high school as an elective, because I wanted to–but it was an ELECTIVE. It should be REQUIRED for every student to graduate! Even in that class, I didn’t learn with practicality everything I should have about consumer credit, though I did learn how to balance a checkbook and reconcile a bank statement, as well as a little bit about the stock market. I really enjoyed that class.

But even with that little bit of education, which was still more than a lot of kids had upon graduation, I managed to screw up my own credit and had to learn the hard way. (Truthfully, sometimes that’s the best way.)

My point of this post though is to stress that creating wealth is not just about “thinking it into existence.” Yes, you do need to “change your mind” about it–but you also need to EDUCATE YOURSELF on how it works! This is a part of the “change our thinking” statement.

How do you plan to educate yourself about money? Or how have you already done so?

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