Why “Journey to Manifestation?”

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I’ve known this concept for years, on one level or another. Bits and pieces from people I’ve known…The Law of Attraction/The Secret…Studies in Alchemy (haven’t read it all but I want to and others)…etc. I say “known” rather than “understood” because, even though I do “understand” and believe it to be true, I haven’t REALLY BELIEVED it enough to TAKE ACTION and manifest my own reality thus far. So I’m not really considering it a true “understanding.”

That is changing, though. Reality is finally hitting hard and making me realize that I need to figure it out. (Side note—every time I say the word “realize,” I chuckle to myself because my dad adamantly explained to me in/around 6th grade that “realize” technically means “to make real,” a.k.a. “to manifest;” not just to “comprehend.” I’ve comprehended that fact for 20+ years, and now I’m really chuckling because of the subject matter at hand.)

I just looked up “realize” for S&G on thesaurus.com to reinforce what I already know, and there’s a little “Word Origin & History” block on the side that says about the word:

1610s, ‘“bring into existence,” from French réaliser “make real” (16c.), from Middle French real “actual”…. Sense of “understand clearly, make real in the mind” is first recorded 1775. Sense of “obtain, amass” is from 1753.

That was fun.

Anyway, back to what I was saying—I need to figure it out. The truth is, though, that I’ve already “figured it out” on some level—what I need is to DO IT. To take action. And that is what I’m doing now. I am taking on this mindset that I, too, am deserving—and I’m putting it into practice. Finally.

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