You must Program your Mind for Wealth

“We now return to our regular-scheduled programming.”

Is that even a thing anymore? Back in the day, when all we had was network TV, that was a common phrase we would hear after there was an emergency bulletin or a message from the president that was broadcast on all channels. I don’t watch regular TV anymore (do any of us, really?), so I can only assume that this is a complete thing of the past.

Have you ever wondered, though, why it was called “programming?”

That term in this context first struck me quite a few years ago, and I don’t remember exactly where it came from. I’m sure it was a conversation with someone. But I realized at that point that “programming” was a pretty loaded word, and I don’t think it was chosen by accident.

Why wouldn’t they just have said “our regularly-scheduled show?” Or “listing?”

I’m sure it goes much deeper than this and has something to do with the order and times of listings, based on the audience who would be watching at that time (or who they would hope to capture)–for instance, “soap operas” during the day when the housewives were home…or “prime time” when most people would tend to be home in front of their TV sets —

But let’s not forget about commercials and how they are placed throughout these “programs.” Certain advertisements airing at certain times of the day to certain audiences, with the hope of programming the mind of that particular audience to want to purchase that particular thing. (Sugary cereal advertisements during cartoon breaks, anyone?)

All of that is to say, those who are doing the “programming” are typically doing it with an end result in mind, and they are feeding us what they want us to have and know.

And it is very subtle.

A “money mindset” works much in this same way. Most of us who did not grow up in wealthy circumstances were automatically “programmed” to believe that we would or could never be wealthy. Most of the time it’s from our parents, who may have meant well but did not know how to operate in a wealthy mindset.

This is a subject where our minds can most definitely be changed to view wealth in a different way (i.e. “achievable”), but we have to work through all of the programming we have already received and replace it with a new mindset.

This may not be easy, but it is very doable. It takes persistence, repetition, practice, a burning desire to achieve it–and faith to know that you really CAN.

How do you intend to reprogram your mind for wealth?

Author: Amber

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